Online Support Groups

Lyme disease can feel very isolating but it’s important to know that you’re not alone.

Having support is an essential part of managing Lyme disease, and it can come in many shapes and sizes.

The support of your friends and family is an important part of your journey but friends and family may not have the same understanding as another patient. Having other patients who understand what you may be going through is very helpful. You’ll hear this referred to as having a ‘lived experience’.

A wide range of patient support groups and resources are available. Some online groups support patients in any location, others are location specific and meet in person.

If you’re looking to meet other patients, we encourage you to join the online groups:

National Groups

State/Territory Groups

  • Brisbane Lyme Group
    An online group for Lyme disease sufferers in Brisbane. This group also holds a regular meetup.

Related Resources

Lyme Education

For many people encountering Lyme disease, understanding, diagnosing and treating Lyme disease can become confusing and overwhelming.

To help patients get a better understanding of the disease and its various treatment options, Dr Nicola Ducharme, a Naturopath has put together a ‘Lyme Ed’ program.

The program includes over 20 hours of online training across 10 different modules with access to a broad range of supporting materials. Lyme-Ed answers lots of common questions including:  

  • what to do if antibiotics stop working
  • strategies for emotional healing
  • ways to break through detrimental neural pathways
  • 10 factors hindering recovery.

Lyme-Ed includes modules on:

  • Detoxification and how to support it
  • Nutrition and reducing inflammation
  • Managing common symptoms including pain, mood imbalances, cognitive deficits and fatigue.

Anyone can enrol in the program.