Helping someone else

When someone has Lyme disease, it affects most of the people around them too.

If you?re a family member, parent, friend or carer of someone with Lyme disease, chances are you are already playing a very important role in the person?s life.

It?s normal to feel out of your depth, particularly following the initial diagnosis or when new symptoms present.

Often, it?s as overwhelming for the people watching and supporting as it is for the person suffering. You may even find you need some support along the way too.

Taking some time to learn about what your loved one might be going through is a big step in the process of supporting them. By knowing about possible symptoms, treatment pathways and prognoses, you?ll be able to provide them with more informed care and advocate for them when they may not be able to do so themselves.

Lyme disease is a chronic health condition for many people and helping someone else to manage a chronic illness will empower them in positive ways.  

If you?re looking for more information about helping someone with Lyme disease or you?re after some tips and strategies to assist your loved one, you?ve come to the right place.

It can be tricky to fully understand what your loved one is going through but there are valuable articles and tools below that can help you to relate.

If you feel that you need support, you can also access services under this program. Our support team includes carers with a lived experience of Lyme disease who are looking after children, their partners, parents, and friends. It is very helpful to share your experiences with someone who understand what you are going through.

Articles, tools and helpful resources