Taking care of yourself is important for all people, but it becomes especially so when you have Lyme disease.

Symptoms of Lyme disease can flare up during periods of stress, changes in treatment and other environmental influences ? even the weather. Many people with Lyme disease liken their experience to a rollercoaster ride; some days are better or worse than others.

When you?re having a bit of trouble coping through these times, being equipped with self-care tools can help you understand and express how you?re feeling.

Regularly checking in with yourself, learning tips on managing treatment, talking to your doctor or support network and making time to rest are all essential to your recovery.

There are some valuable self-care materials that lots of people with Lyme disease have found beneficial.

You?ve already taken some big steps towards self-care just by being here. We encourage you to browse through the materials below and add them to your self-care toolkit.

Helpful self-care tools