Lyme Education

For many people encountering Lyme disease, understanding, diagnosing and treating Lyme disease can become confusing and overwhelming.

To help patients get a better understanding of the disease and its various treatment options, Dr Nicola Ducharme, a Naturopath has put together a ‘Lyme Ed’ program.

The program includes over 20 hours of online training across 10 different modules with access to a broad range of supporting materials. Lyme-Ed answers lots of common questions including:  

  • what to do if antibiotics stop working
  • strategies for emotional healing
  • ways to break through detrimental neural pathways
  • 10 factors hindering recovery.

Lyme-Ed includes modules on:

  • Detoxification and how to support it
  • Nutrition and reducing inflammation
  • Managing common symptoms including pain, mood imbalances, cognitive deficits and fatigue.

Anyone can enrol in the program.